Megan is constantly creating, experimenting and pushing boundaries. She has over 50 years experience in the traditional forms of ceramic and clay art. Her work is highly awarded, acquired and widely exhibited. The pieces encapsulate and enhance the perfect imperfections of the natural world.

Megan’s ceramics are clean and simple and reflect the importance of the ocean and the shore environment in her life.  She finds the vast diversity of shore life captivating and it plays an important role in her art. Rock pools, plants, ponds and the sea continue to be an exciting base for her to draw inspiration from.  

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About Me


Inspired by the natural landscape.

I have a fascination with our ever-changing environment and a deep passion to create.

Particularly the extraordinary and ever-changing world of the wetlands.

Each of my vessels tells the story of nature.

Organic in shape. Quiet in manner.

They evoke the beauty and complexity of our fragile ecosystem.

“Megan Puls is one of Australia’s more successful ceramic artists. Her work has featured in art competitions, festivals, magazines, books and is in collections internationally. She is known for her ability to throw and sculpt very large works.”

Jane Denison, 2013 Panoptic Press

Exhibitions and Awards

Selected Awards

2020 Alice Art Prize Preselected out of 595 entries
2020 Border Art Award – Runner Up. Tweed Regional Gallery + Gold Coast Art Gallery
2020 Preselected for the 2020 Biennial North Queensland Ceramic Art Award
2020 pre-selected Stanthorpe Regional Gallery Art Award
2019 Alice Art Award
2018, 2016, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2007, 2002,1999, 1998 Winner Gold Coast Potters Award
2018 Muswellbrook Art Award – Ceramic winner
2017 Art Craft Design Award of Excellence Germany
2017 ‘Mangrove” Solo Exhibition 19 Karen Gallery Gold Coast
2017 “All Lands Omnus-Terra” Gallery 114 Portland USA
2016 Invited – one of six Australian Ceramic Artists to Exhibit NCECA USA
2016 Artisan Gallery Brisbane “Objects of Desire” Travelling
2016, 2015, 2014 The Medalta International-Award Canada
2015 pre-selected Clunes Ceramic Award

2015 The Medalta International TOOL Award Canada
2014 The Medalta International SPOON Award Canada
2013 The Medalta International Cup Award Canada
2013 Pre-selected Clunes Ceramic Award
2013, 2012, 1999 Trinity Lutheran Award Of Excellence 
Gladstone Regional Art Gallery
2012 Pride of Workmanship, Rotary Club Gold Coast
2008 Outback Regional Gallery, Waltzing Matilda Art Award
2012, Port Hacking Potters Group, Certificate of Merit
2001, 2004, Capricorn Coast Art Festival
2006 Ignition Art Award of Excellence, Sunshine Coast
2006 Stanthorpe Arts Festival, Most Outstanding Work
2004, 1998 Caloundra Art Festival
2004 International Ceramic Art Award, “The Josephine Ulrick Ceramic Award”
Dʼarcy Doyle Art Award, Sculpture
Cairns Regional Gallery, Award 5

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Tweed Regional Gallery – Gold Coast Art Gallery
2020 Pre-selected Stanthorpe Regional Gallery
2019 Onespace Gallery, Brisbane
2019 Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Newtown Sydney
2018 Gold Coast Potters Members Exhibition awarded 1st place
2018 Muswellbrook Art Award – Ceramic winner
2017 ‘Mangrove” Solo Exhibition 19 Karen Gallery Gold Coast
2017 “All Lands Omnus-Terra” Gallery 114 Portland USA
2016 Invited – one of six Australian Ceramic Artists to Exhibit NCECA USA
2016 Artisan Gallery Brisbane “Objects of Desire” Travelling
2016 SILT Pathways of Hope Exhibition  Makers Gallery, Clayfield Brisbane
2013, 2010, 2008, 2006 Ignition, Sunshine Coast Art Award (preselected)
2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 Outback Regional Gallery, Winton (preselected)
2014, 2007, 2005 Alice Craft Acquisition, Alice Springs (preselected)
2010 Landline Leadlines, Cooloola Regional Gallery, Gympie
2008 Salute, Fusions Gallery, curated by Dr Janet Mansfield, Brisbane (preselected)
2008, 2002, 1998 Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery Art Prize (preselected)
2008, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award (preselected)
2003 Gold Coast Conrad Jupiters Art Award (preselected)
2002, 2000 Warwick Regional Art Gallery (preselected)
1998 City Council Gallery, Noumea
1998 The Toowoomba Biannual Acquisition Award and Exhibition (preselected)

Private Collections, Acquisitions

The Star Casino commission 32 pieces (VIP rooms) plus a sculptural piece (foyer)
Kunura-San, Potter, 6th Generation, Japan, Shino Bowl
Singapore Private Collector, Shino Bowl
Laerkesen, Denmark, Copper Red Platter
Maroochy Shire Council, Maroochydore, Acquisition, Bronze Vessel in Form
Pan Macmillan Australia, Aboriginal Sculptures
Toowoomba Grammar Boys School, Deep Forest Diva and Vessel in Form
Gold Coast Potters Association, Nail of the Moon and Large Shino Platter
Dr Janet Mansfield, Billy Tea
Fleur Schell, Strata
Trinity Lutheran Award Of Excellence, Acquisition 2000; Vessel in Form, Acquisition 2007; Southern Ice
Back to Back Gallery Newcastle, acquisition
Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, Acquisition
The Medalta International Cup Award, Canada. Acquisition
CFO Telstra
Clunes Major Sponsor
Jan Guy MVA[Sydney] GradDipVisArts[SCA] University Sydney
Acquired Gold Coast City Art Gallery
Southern Downs Regional Gallery Stanthorpe
Acquired Telstra

Reviewed in Australian Ceramics, Craft Arts International no 85 and Ceramic Technical magazine.

2001-2017 Taught at the Gold Coast Potters Association

PANOPTIC PRESS article 2013

Testimonial from Andrew Penn, CEO Telstra